'Monolith' with shiny steel-like shape seen in Ahmedabad, mystery remains


The seven-foot-tall prismatic figure monolith (pillar) that remained a mystery in more than 30 cities of the world is now seen in the city of Ahmedabad. This shiny steel-like shape was first seen in India. Although it is said to have been set up by a private company, the company has not made any such announcement.

The figure appeared in Symphony Park in Ahmedabad on Thursday. The monolith seen in the park in the Thaltej area is more than 6 feet in height. The park was built by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation and Symphony Company.

But, where this monolith came from, neither the corporation officials nor the Symphony Company people know anything about it. No employees working in the park have seen it before today.

Jignesh Patel, director of the horticulture department at the Municipal Corporation, said, "This monolith has been set up by Symphony Limited for people visiting the park." People can see the reflection of its shiny surface and take a selfie with it.

Uta, a similar figure, was first seen in America and also disappeared a few days later. It was later seen in about 30 countries. Although the company has shared pictures of it on its Forest Park Facebook page but has not announced its installation.