Mohan Bhagwat Birthday: The relationship of Mohan Bhagwat's family with the Sangh is three generations old, like this became the RSS chief


Today is the 70th birthday of Mohan Madhukarrao Bhagwat, the Sarsanghchalak of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). The name of Mohan Bhagwat is recorded as the youngest Sarsanghchalak after Madhavrao Sadashiv Golwalkar. Bhagwat got the command of the Sangh in 2009 at the age of 59.

Relationship with RSS is three generations old

Bhagwat's family has a three-generation relationship with the ASS. His grandfather Narayan Bhagwat used to be a classmate of Sangh founder Keshav Baliram Hedgewar. After the establishment of the Sangh in 1925, Narayan Bhagwat started the work of the Sangh. Narayan Bhagwat's son Madhukar Bhagwat has also been an RSS pracharak.

Sangh pracharak made during an emergency

In 1975, Bhagwat's parents were imprisoned after the Emergency. During this time, Bhagwat also became an RSS pracharak. He remained in anonymity during the Emergency. After 1977, he became increasingly active in the Union. In 1991, he was given the charge of All India Body Chief in the Union. He held this post until 1999.

Sarkaryavah became abrupt in 2000

In 2000, the then Sarsanghchalak Rajju Bhaiya and Sarkaryavah VN Seshadri announced their resignation for health reasons. KS Sudarshan was chosen as the new Sarsanghchalak in place of Rajju Bhaiya, while two names for Sarkaryavah were running Madan Das Devi and Mohan Bhagwat. Eventually, Mohan Bhagwat became Sarkaryavah. The post of Sarkaryavah is the most important in the RSS after the Sarsanghchalak.

Union heads formed in 2009

Mohan Bhagwat was made Sarsanghchalak in the All India House of Representatives meeting on 21 March 2009 during the Lok Sabha elections 2009. Sudarshan was relieving his Sarsanghchalak due to health reasons. As soon as he became the Sangh chief, he first changed the BJP. Nitin Gadkari was crowned as BJP President. In 2013, the Sangh consented to the candidature of Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the then Chief Minister of Gujarat, under whose leadership the BJP crossed the absolute majority mark in the Lok Sabha elections for two consecutive terms.

The early life of Mohan Bhagwat

Born on 11 September 1950 in Sangli, Maharashtra, Mohan Bhagwat studied up to 12th standard from Chandrapur. After this, Bhagwat enrolled in Dr. Panjabrao Deshmukh Veterinary College, Akola. After completing his studies, he started his job as an officer in the Animal Husbandry Department in Chandrapur itself.