Modi government's strength is to suppress the voice of the opposition: Sachin Pilot


Former Deputy Chief Minister of Rajasthan Sachin Pilot has once again targeted the Narendra Modi government at the Center regarding agricultural laws.

In Rajasthan, former state president of Congress Sachin Pilot tweeted that the central government is saying that all three agricultural laws are in the interest of the country, if it is in the interest of the country then why are people opposing them. Forcibly imposing one's decisions on the people does not do much in India's democracy. Arbitrary based on majority and suppressing the voice of the opposition is the specialty of this government.

In another tweet, Sachin Pilot has given his response in the Pegasus espionage case. He tweeted that the topic of Pegasus spying is very serious. People are distracted by the violation of privacy and constitutional traditions and many questions are arising in their minds. The Central Government should conduct a high-level and fair investigation in a time-bound manner and clarify the countrymen with the truth.