Modi government's big decision amidst the agitation of farmers movement, 9 crore farmers will get the benefit!


Amid the farmers' movement, the Modi government has taken a big decision for the farmers and has decided to deposit Rs 18,000 crore in the account of 9 crore farmers, these rupees will be transferred within two hours on the 25th.

Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar has said that the Government of India is celebrating the birthday of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee on 25th day as Good Governance Day, on this day, on behalf of the government, in the account of 9 crore farmers, 18000 crore rupees in two hours will be transferred.

The beneficiaries of this scheme will talk with 6 farmers from 6 states, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the program will also be organized at the development block level, 2 crore farmers have registered to join the program.

After passing the law, more than 3 lakh farmers have got signatures all over the country, 3 lakh 13 thousand and 363 farmers have signed these letters, these farmers say that the agricultural law brought by the central government is completely in the interest of Farmers.