Modi government can now put CUSTOMISED LOCKDOWN! Click here to know what is this and what will be its effect


Lockdown and curfew are being imposed again to prevent the Corona epidemic. Meanwhile, there are also reports that the central government may impose a lockdown in May. However, the latest news is that the central government has denied reports of a uniform lockdown across the country. Customized lockdown can be imposed instead. There has been no official statement of the government on this, but where there is more infection, a customized lockdown can be imposed.

What is customized lockdown?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said in the past that I will request the states to use the lockdown as the last option. Every effort should be made to avoid lockdown.

Now customized lockdown can be used in the same way as micro-content. Where the higher the infection, the more restrictions there will be. Exemptions will be given where there is less infection.

According to reports, the decision has been left by the central government to the states and the local administration. Therefore, the state government will have to decide where to place the customized lockdown. The rules will be even stricter in these areas.