Mini drones and Harren UAVs to increase military surveillance capability


The Indian Army is soon going to acquire Israeli Harren UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) and American mini-drones to increase its surveillance capability on the border. Through these, the army will be able to better monitor the areas along the Chinese border including the eastern part of Ladakh.

According to government sources, the deal for the purchase of these is in the final stage. It will be stamped in December. Harran will be deployed in the Ladakh region. It is much more modern than India's current surveillance system. These are being purchased under emergency financial powers, which the PM Modi government has given to the defense forces.

Under this, they can increase combat capability by purchasing equipment and systems up to Rs 500 crore. The procurement is being done at a time of continued tension on the border with China. Earlier, such purchases were made soon after the airstrikes to destroy the terrorist camps in Balakot, Pakistan.

Under this policy, the Navy also leased two Predator drones from an American firm. At the same time, the Air Force bought air-to-ground Hummer stand-off missiles that have a capacity of 70 km.

Soldiers will assess their area and situation with a drone

Mini drones being purchased from the US will be given to the troops stationed at the front at the battalion level. These hand-operated drones will be used to assess the location of the deployed area.