Meerut: IPS officers set out on bikes in plain clothes at midnight, police also could not identify


It was 11:00 at night. A white Apache bike suddenly stops at the Abu'lane outpost in Begumpul. Those who were on the bike had masks on their faces. Wearing a black helmet and wearing a lower t-shirt, the man suddenly did not even recognize the policeman. As soon as the soldiers were asked where the duty register is, on hearing this, the two soldiers present at the checkpoint were blown away. Suddenly the soldiers were surprised and appeared to salute.

In 5 minutes, the Abu'lane outpost in charge SO Sadar Vijay also reached. It is none other than the one who checks on the bike, but Dr. Eraj Raja, a 2017 batch IPS officer. Who is asp cant? At night, the ASP checked the duty of police at different places. Initially, the policemen did not recognize him anywhere.

ASP Cantt Eraj Raja left by bike alone at night to Peth Police Chowki, Giromile, Begumpul, Fawara Chowk, Sotiganj, Main Square, Bhainsali Bus Stand, Railway Road, Jain Nagar Tiraha, and Baghpat Gate in Lalkurti. The ASP reported that policemen at some places have not been identified initially. But according to the roster at night, policemen were found in the places where the police were on duty. Instructions have also been given to the respective outpost in charge and station in-charge that he should remain in his area during duty at night. After 2:00 pm, all night officers who are on the night will be on patrol in the jeep. The ASP had left his government car and security personnel at the residence.