Mathura: Banke Bihari temple will be closed again from Monday, due to this decision has been taken


After 6 months and 25 days, the doors of the world-famous Banke Bihari Temple of Vrindavan have closed again after two days of darshan. After seven months of lockdown, the reason for the temple being gutted is now a deteriorated system of online registration. The tremors of the temple were open for devotees on Saturday, but during this time the guidelines of the Kovid-19 were hoisted.

Deputy Superintendent of Police Ramesh Chand Tiwari said, "Temple officials are responsible for not making the right decision for the crowd outside the temple amid the epidemic."

Meanwhile, temple manager Manish Sharma said that it was decided to allow entry of limited people after online registration in the temple premises, but there was some problem in the online system, which is being rectified.

Actually, on Saturday, the first day of Navratri, the temple was opened for devotees. But in front of the crowd of devotees, the system was destroyed. Earlier, about 20 thousand devotees visited Banke Bihari. In such a situation, the arrangement of physical distance became staggered. The temple management had arranged for online registration on the temple website from Saturday evening. Arrangements were made to allow devotees who had registered since Sunday morning to visit. But online registration could not be done due to a non-working website. On Sunday, devotees were shown a line without any registration. In the afternoon, the management decided that the doors of the temple are being closed again from the 19th to the next order. Temple boards will be opened only after the online registration system starts.

Manish Sharma said that Banke Bihari temple is being closed once again from Monday. The temple manager said, 'There have been suggestions from the administration and police that the system of online registration should be started in the temple. The temple will be reopened as soon as the system of online registration starts.

Let us tell that in the Corona period from March 22, the doors of the world-famous Banke Bihari temple of Vrindavan were closed to the devotees.