MAMATA BANERJEE is the owner of so much property! Click here to know


Mamta Banerjee's Trinamool Congress has registered a hat-trick in the West Bengal assembly elections. Today we are going to tell you about the total assets of Mamta Banerjee, about which you will not know.

According to her recent affidavit filed before the election, her total assets are Rs 16.72 lakh. Mamta Banerjee does not own any vehicle.

The Chief Minister had cash in hand of Rs 69,255, while she has a total bank balance of Rs 13.53 lakh, including Rs 1.51 lakh in her election expenses account. Mamta also has a National Saving Certificate (NSC) of Rs 18,490. Banerjee owns nine grams of jewelry worth Rs 43,837.

A voter from Kolkata's Babhnipur assembly constituency received a royalty of 930 rupees in 2019-20. Banerjee has several books to her credit.