Malabar Wargames showed exceptional military skills of the four participating countries: Navy


The navies of India, America, Japan, and Australia coming together and conducting military exercises have given an indication to China that is demonstrating its hegemonic tendency in the oceans. Rear Admiral Krishna Swaminathan of the Indian Navy said on Saturday that the Malabar -2020 War Games showed the exceptional military prowess of the four participating countries.

The second leg of the 24th edition of Malabar ended on Friday. During this period, the navies of the four countries demonstrated their military skills in two stages in the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea.

Flag Officer Commanding Western Fleet Rear Admiral Swaminathan said that many unique aspects came to us in this edition. Three of these were exceptional. For the first time, we conducted military exercises in two phases. The first phase was held in the Bay of Bengal and the second phase in the Arabian Sea. This is also the first time that practice took place in both the seas located on the Indian peninsula. Second, the US Navy, Japan's Maritime Self-Defense Force, Royal Australian Navy, and Indian Navy participated.

This quorum is completed after a long gap. Third, extraordinary military skills were demonstrated among the armies of various countries. The navies of the US, Japan, and Australia described the Malabar military exercise as very successful and thanked the Indian Navy for planning, leadership, execution, and hospitality.