Maharashtra: Doing postmortem understanding the dead body of the newborn, then everyone is shocked to see what happened


The functioning of the police and the hospital in Buldhana, Maharashtra, have started raising questions. Actually, the police took the toy as a body of a newborn and sent it for postmortem. The hospital also started the post mortem process. The cotton and sponge were found out of the toy, which is being posted more, and the plastic doll. This incident has become a topic of discussion across the district.

Pimpalgaon Raja police reached the spot on the banks of the river in Borjwala village on the news that a newborn body was thrown in a cloth on the banks of a river near Bor Khamgaon taluka of Buldhana district. The police punched the body and took the body of the newborn in its possession and sent it to the hospital in Khamgaon for postmortem.

But, like the police, negligence has come to light in the functioning of the hospital. At the time of post-mortem, when he was raped, he took cotton and sponge out of it. It was then discovered that it was not a newborn corpse but a toy.

Police Inspector S.L. Chavan said that the police Patil of the village had informed that the dead body of a newborn of 7-8 months was lying near the river. Documents were made on the second day after the Panchnama At the time of post-mortem, after the cotton and sponge came out of the body, it was understood that it is not a human body but a doll. Due to being soaked in mud, only the dead body of a newborn child was visible.