Lokpal received 1427 complaints during 2019-20, 1347 settled


Anti-corruption body Lokpal has received 1,427 complaints during 2019-20. Of these, 613 complaints are against state government employees, while four complaints are against Union ministers. Complaints have also been received against many MPs. According to the Lokpal data, 245 complaints have been received against central employees, 200 complaints against public sector companies and constitutional bodies, judicial institutions, and autonomous bodies. At the same time, 135 complaints have been received against private people and organizations.

As per the data, six complaints have come against the ministers of the states and members of the assembly and four complaints against the union ministers. Of the total complaints, 220 were solicitations, comments, and suggestions. It states that a total of 613 complaints are against state government employees and public sector companies, constitutional bodies, judicial institutions, and autonomous bodies at the state level.

The data said that out of a total of 1,427 complaints, 1,347 have been resolved. Of these, 1,152 complaints were outside the purview of the Lokpal. The Lokpal consists of eight members and a chairman. The Lokpal chairman is Justice Pinaki Chand Ghosh, who was sworn in by President Ram Nath Kovind on March 23 last year.

29 complaints pending with CVC and two complaints with CBI

78 complaints were asked to be submitted on the prescribed form. 45 complaints were sent for a status report or investigation report and in the case of 32 complaints, the concerned agency was directed to take appropriate steps. 29 cases are currently pending with the Central Vigilance Commission. Of these, 25 report reports and four complaints pending investigation.

Apart from this, four complaints were sent to the Higher Education Department and two complaints to the CBI for the status report. A complaint is pending with the Railway Board for investigation. Two cases are pending with the Ministry of Culture and one each with the Ministry of Water Resources, Directorate General of Income Tax, Department of Education and Literacy, Ministry of Shipping, and Department of Posts.