Lok Adalats become virtual in corona epidemic, settle 2.51 lakh cases


27 e-Lok Adalats, which conducted virtual hearings in the wake of the Corona epidemic, disposed of 2.51 lakh cases between June and October. These courts belong to 15 states. The Law Ministry on Monday said that so far this month, Lok Adalats have settled 12,000 cases.

This resulted in a payment of Rs 107.4 crore. According to the ministry, 27 e-courts were operational in 15 states from June to October. There were 4.83 lakh cases and out of this, 2.51 lakh cases were settled.

1409 crore was paid in these. During the month of November, e-Lok Adalats have been organized in Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Telangana till now. There were 16,651 cases and 12686 disposed of.