Lockdown may apply again in India, these things are indicated


The lockdown was continued till 31 May after PM Narendra Modi announced a lockdown on 24 March in India. Unlock 1 has now started across the country from 1 June. But with the introduction of Unlock 1, cases across the country have increased even more.

The way corona cases are increasing, it seems that the lockdown can be implemented again in the country. More than 60,000 cases have been reported in the past week.

In many states like Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, the situation is becoming out of control. People do not even have beds to get them hospitalized. Lockdown restrictions can be re-enforced if conditions go out of control.

The number of corona-infected people in the country has now crossed 2 lakh. While the virus has killed six and a half thousand people. Although the situation has come under control in the states, the government can re-implement the lockdown if the cases increase like this.