Live: PM spoke in Mann Ki Baat- History of stories is as old as human civilization


Prime Minister Narendra Modi is addressing the countrymen through his monthly radio program 'Mann Ki Baat'. This is the 69th episode of his radio program. It is being broadcast on the entire network of AIR and Doordarshan. Earlier, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the people on 30 August through the 'Mann Ki Baat' program.

Read here Prime Minister Modi's address to the country

We have a variety of folk tales prevalent here. I see many people taking commendable initiatives to advance the art of kissing.

Friends, India has a rich tradition of storytelling or storytelling. Many Indians are popularizing the art of storytelling throughout India. These days, science-related stories are gaining popularity.

The history of stories is as old as human civilization. The stories reveal and reveal the creative and sensitive perception of people. If you want to feel the power of the story, then when a mother is telling the story to make her little child sleep or feed her.

We must have realized that the genres that our ancestors had created are still important and when not there is so much lack. One such genre, as I said, is the art of telling a story.

For so long, how to be together, how to live, how to spend time, how to be happy every moment? So many families had problems and the reason was that.

The whole world is undergoing many changes during this period of Corona. Today, when the distance of two yards has become an indispensable need, this crisis has also served to bring family members closer and closer.