Less than 40 thousand cases of Corona, the recovery rate is 92.64 percent!


Compared to the last few days, new cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic have come down and they have come down to 40,000, while the rate of beating it has been 92.64 percent.

According to the data released by the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on Tuesday morning, 38,074 new confirmed cases have occurred in the last 24 hours and 42,033 patients have recovered and 448 people have died. Together, 85.91 lakh people have been infected so far, of which 79.59 lakh have been healthy and 1,27,059 have lost their lives. Due to the higher number of healthy people than new cases, active cases have come down by 4,440 to 5,5,265.

At present, the rate of recovery is 92.64, the death rate is 1.48 and the rate of active cases is 5.88 percent. Due to an increase in active cases in Maharashtra, which was most affected by this deadly virus, active cases have again crossed one lakh.

With the increase of 3,192 active cases during the last 24 hours, their number increased to 1,00,488. While the death toll of 85 people has increased to 45,325. The number of people getting rid of this epidemic has increased to more than 15.77 lakhs.