Ladakh's snow leopard has a special identity in the world, know why?


After becoming a union territory, Ladakh Police has also come into existence. A separate police headquarters has been started. Two days ago the Ladakh Police has released its flag, batch and sign. Especially the Ladakh Police has symbolized the snow leopard of the world-famous state in its flag. The icy leopard of Ladakh has many such features, which are not present in any icy leopard of the world.

The snow leopard is found in 12 countries around the world, but Ladakh is the only place in the world where the snow leopard can be seen from four to five feet away. It can be seen between the months of March and April.

That's why the police gave a place in the flag

Indeed, the International Union for Conservation Nature also includes the snow leopard in its threatened list of extinct species. Several projects are being carried out to save the icy leopard. The police have also tried to convey this message by symbolizing their flag that an attempt will be made to curb illegal occupations such as stopping its poaching, smuggling its skins.

Ladakh is the first region with a high-density population. Here we can see icy leopards from a distance of four to five feet. Because they come from the upper regions to the very bottom. Now their number is also increasing. Earlier their number was reduced to 200. But now their number has reached 500. Very soon, the information will be given about the survey being conducted. -Jigmate Takpa, Joint Secretary, Union Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Delhi

Icy leopards are found in these places

These leopards are found in Central Asia and 12 countries of Asia, China, Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Russia, Mongolia, etc. in the world. Their number is said to be between four and six thousand. While, they have a presence in Ladakh, Uttarakhand, Sikkim, Himachal Pradesh, and Arunachal Pradesh. Their number is around one thousand in India. Most are in Ladakh.