Know what is the secret of PM Modi's health, keep yourself healthy through this diet plan


At the time of Navratri, almost everyone has become aware of the fast of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and what diet he takes during this time. At the same time, very few people know that for the last year, to keep himself healthy, he is following a special diet plan.

This diet plan is designed to keep a person's weight balanced and to remain energetic to perform tasks throughout the day. There is no restriction on what a person wants to eat in this plan, but every meal has been fixed.

Under this diet plan, PM Modi eats twice a day. Once a meal for 10 minutes to 55 minutes and in the evening for seven minutes to 55 minutes. Under this, it is advised to keep more protein and fewer carbohydrates in the food. It has been said in the plan that a morning walk is very necessary for the person.

This was the diet of PM Modi

Please tell that during Navratri, PM Modi only consumes coconut water and lukewarm lemonade. Apart from this, on normal days PM Modi used to eat Gujarati Bhakri, Khandvi, Idli Sambar, Dhokla, Dosa, Poha, and light Gujarati or South Indian food for breakfast. But now all this has been limited to 55 minutes in the morning and 55 minutes in the evening.