Know what is the 50-50 formula, which will now form the government in Maharashtra!


President's rule has been imposed in Maharashtra. When no party could form a government with a coalition, then President's rule was imposed there but there is still talk of government formation there.

Now the news of forming a government with 50-50 formula has been intensified. Under this, the Congress-NCP nominated a committee of 5-5 members for the 'Common Minimum Program', which will discuss this with the government.

According to sources, two and a half years will be the Chief Minister of Shiv Sena and NCP and will be the Deputy Chief Minister of Congress for full 5 years. In Congress, NCP and Shiv Sena Sanjha press conference, Uddhav Thackeray said that this is the right direction for government formation.

It will be really interesting to see whether the government will approve the 50-50 formula and if it gets the green signal then how the leaders of different parties work on the CM post.