Know how Naxalites made Madhya Pradesh a stronghold of arms supply by giving an alleged message of peace


Naxal activities have been confirmed in Madhya Pradesh, but the Naxalites have adopted a different strategy for this. Naxalites are using Madhya Pradesh as a weapon supply base. This is the reason why Naxalites have been avoiding carrying out any major incident here. Arms have been supplied from Maharashtra from three major places in the state. The presence of dense forest at these places along the border of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh has been an easy route for the accused to give arms to the Naxalites. Recently, on the proposal of the State Police, the Union Home Ministry has declared Dindori as Naxal affected. With this, the number of Naxal-affected districts in the state has now increased to three.

According to sources, the Naxalites did not carry out any major incident in Madhya Pradesh, so that the attention of security agencies does not go towards this problem. In this way, they continued to feel a sense of so-called peace. A police investigation has revealed that many forests of the state were being used as supply centers for weapons to be delivered to Naxalites. Here weapons were provided to the Naxalites and after that, the Naxalites used to send them through their network to Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and Jharkhand. Recently, during the arrest and interrogation of the accused who provided arms to the Naxalites, it has been found that the weapons were mainly purchased from Rajasthan. From here they were taken to Maharashtra and then from the districts of Madhya Pradesh bordering Maharashtra to the Naxalites.

This used to happen with weapons

The boundaries of Burhanpur, Khargone, and Barwani districts adjoining Maharashtra have been reported to be used. The Pal area of ​​Jhirnya tehsil of Khargone district and the border of Sendhwa of Barwani district is easier for the accused. This area is densely forested. Also, being tribal-dominated, there are some networks of Naxalites in the name of social service. These areas have a history of making illegal weapons by Sikligars. Apart from the miscreants of Rajasthan, Sikligar also provided weapons.

Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Dr. Narottam Mishra said that the Madhya Pradesh Police is keeping a close watch on the Naxalites. Right now we have caught a huge cache of weapons. Their network has also been exposed. More information will emerge in further investigation. Information is also being shared from the bordering states. Under no circumstances will the Naxalites be allowed to raise their heads in Madhya Pradesh.