Kisan agitation: Shock to expectations from persistence, Questions remove the mask from stubborn faces


The 11th round of talks with the government in the peasant movement was not only inconclusive but now it has once again reached the deadlock. The new date of the dialogue is not fixed. Expectations were shocked by persistence. Many questions arise from stubbornness. Is this movement only for the interest of the farmer? Masks are coming out from many faces. How is this contradiction between democracy and trust in the court?

What kind of trust does this court have

The SDM has the right to settle the dispute related to contract farming in the new agricultural law. The agitating farmers object to this, they want the trial of any such case to reach the court. The government is also ready. On the one hand, the farmers have such unwavering trust in the court, on the other hand, the same agitating farmers have been rejecting every effort and decision to settle the dispute at the threshold of the Supreme Court. The United Kisan Morcha never considered going to court appropriately. From the Punjab Movement to the Delhi Movement, the Front broke away from the farmers' organizations that went to court. Sidelined them. What is the truth behind the agitators' unwavering trust and contradiction? Who are those who are distancing themselves from the Supreme Court or its committee to resolve the issue?

The face of the democratic movement

Farmer agitators claim that all decisions are taken democratically, but when Punjab farmers' organizations came to consult on the proposals received from the government after the 10th round of negotiations, 15 out of 32 organizations favor the government's rejection of the proposal. Appeared in While 17 organizations were considering the proposal of the government and were looking for something more. The majority was considering the government's proposal, but it was ignored.

United Kisan Morcha talks about political relations and distance from the face, but political attitude is in front. The insistence of a tractor rally on Republic Day is also well known. If the agitators were concerned about the interests of the farmers, they would discuss the objections of the law with the government, the Supreme Court committee, or the proposed new committee from the government. Without discussing how insistent the return of all three agricultural laws can be considered. The agitators are neither confident in the judiciary, nor the executive, nor the legislature. Then confrontation such as the demise of democratic rights on Republic Day amid the Andes.

Joint or piece

About 500 farmer organizations are claimed to have joined this movement on behalf of the United Kisan Morcha. Why are decisions taken in turn in every case during the movement, first in Punjab and then in the meeting of United Kisan Morcha? Why are the organizations of Punjab different? Why seal their decisions? Nearly 300 farmer organizations stand in favor of agricultural laws. Are all government-sponsored? Is the real farmer being cheated somewhere between agitating farmers and government-sponsored farmer organizations?

What common farmers want, good price for good produce. Farm protection. Water and electricity for irrigation. Guarantee of minimum support price, ban on new electricity bill stubble. Moreover, all three agricultural laws were banned for a year and a half. Path of dialogue. If this is so, then through negotiations, instead of fighting for the reforms (amendment) on these issues, instead of fighting for reform (amendment), which movement is it going to look at.

Why do those who come suddenly from 2024 preparing for six months of fighting? These agricultural laws can also be judged democratically by the right of the voters in the elections of other states including Bengal. After all, what interest among the farmer's organizations has started hearing a new tone of mutual conflict. Why many farmers' organizations are starting their own raga.

Questions on stubbornness timing

This is a time of challenges. There is a crisis on the economic front. Separate reports have come that the farmer movement has been hit. In the winter of Corona and Kadke, this gathering on the roads is worrisome. The damage to the mobile tower has affected networking. Networking is important during vaccination. Petrol pumps of a private company have been closed in Punjab-Haryana, but in the movement, who is the last to provide free fuel tanks or fuel to those who reach Delhi? In Punjab, there are 36 connections between peasants and artisans. These farmers' organizations have been organizing a front against them in the past. But during this movement, suddenly how did these relationships turn 63, that is, friendly. The questions arising out of this persistence have gradually masked the faces hidden behind the movement.