Kejriwal demands the right of the center to lockdown in market areas!


Delhi Chief Minister Arvid Kejriwal on Tuesday sought the right to impose a lockdown in centrally marketed areas, which could become the 'hotspots' of COVID-19. Also requested to withdraw the order to attend 200 people in the wedding ceremony.

Addressing the media online, Kejriwal said that the Delhi government has sent a proposal to the Lt. Governor to allow only 50 people to attend the wedding ceremony instead of 200. He said that the Delhi government, the Center, and all agencies are making "double efforts" to control the situation of Kovid-19 in the national capital.

The Chief Minister said, "We are sending a proposal to the Central Government to empower the Delhi Government to put lockdowns in market areas, which can become the 'hotspots' of COVID-19." Kejriwal also thanked the Central Government for helping the people of Delhi in this "very difficult time" and requested Delhiites to follow the rule of wearing masks with folded hands and maintaining social distance.

Coronavirus cases have increased significantly in Delhi since October 28, when more than five thousand new cases were reported. More than eight thousand new cases were reported here on Wednesday. At the same time, for the first time in the last five months on Thursday, the maximum number of people who died was 1,04.