Karnataka : Theme based toys, T-shirts and mugs related to ISRO's missions will come in the market soon


Thematic toys, T-shirts, mugs, and space-themed educational games related to the science missions of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) will soon hit the market, which science lovers can buy anywhere. Actually, for this, eight companies have been registered with ISRO, which will make these items.

Eight companies registered in the Indian Space Agency

ISRO believes that this program will create interest and awareness among common people, children, students towards science. People will be able to know about the achievements made in the field of science and technology of ISRO. According to an official at ISRO's headquarters in Bangalore, under the Department of Space, so far eight companies have registered with ISRO in respect of themed articles/models.

These include Indic Inspirations (Pune), 1947IND (Bangalore), and Ankur Hobby Center (Ahmedabad). As per the MoUs, ISRO will provide these companies with drawings or any design without causing any damage to the pride of the department so that they can properly use them in making the articles. The prices of these items will be kept reasonable so that more and more people can buy them. ISRO has expressly stated that it will never take any responsibility for damages caused by the sale, delivery, quality, or sale of the goods or after they are sold.

There should be no such theme on the mat or slippers, this is the condition

As per the terms and conditions, the registered companies shall not use ISRO themes, photographs on mats, slippers, or any such object to be placed near the doors, which tarnish the reputation of the organization. Wherever 3D models and 2D drawings are being used to make scaled models, Lego sets, jigsaw puzzles, precision and caution are required.