Karnataka government's big decision, online games will be discontinued soon in the state


Online games are out on the Internet and thousands of games are available on the Internet today. The children have grown addicted to it. On the other hand, Karnataka Home Minister Basavaraj Bommai has said that online games will be banned in the state very soon. He said that people are also losing their money due to this.

He said there were many complaints from parents and others about the online game. After this, online gaming is being banned to prevent such things from being promoted in the state. He said that it is like a gamble.

Talking to the media, the Home Minister said, "From child to elder, it is involved and it is like a gamble. He said that online games would be banned in Karnataka after suggestions from several states.

In Karnataka, the parties and the opposition were seen together on this issue. Karnataka Congress leader Dinesh Gundu Rao has welcomed the Home Minister's decision. Also said that people are losing their hard-earned money due to this. That is why online games should stop in Karnataka.

Significantly, online games have increased a lot in India in lockdown and after lockdown. A report came in, stating that people are playing online games for six hours in a row. The famous game PubG in India had more than 30 million users in India. It was banned by the government for data theft. At the same time, the Karnataka government is going to ban online games in view of the parents' concern.