Kannauj fragrances are used for the first time for beauty products


Indian scientists have developed new techniques against beauty products containing deadly chemicals under the guise of herbal and Ayurveda. In this market of crores of rupees, for the first time, scientists have used the fragrance of Kannauj to deliver effective things to the people.

For this, new technology was also developed for face serums and fragrances. One of its benefits is to protect women from infection. According to the information, the aroma and sugar development center at Kannauj, Union Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Industries has developed a new technology, which has been transferred to Emil Pharmaceuticals.

Under the supervision of Scientific Officer Gyanendra Singh, has developed a new technology of natural face serum and fragrance, on which launched a series of Ayurvedic beauty products called Ayuthaveda.

Business is worth thousands of crores of rupees

According to experts, cosmetics have a turnover of thousands of crores of rupees in the country. Among them, most beauty products are chemicals, after their side effects, the prevalence of herbal beauty products increased. But in the name of herbal, a lot was sold in the market. The Union Health Ministry has also prepared a draft recently to ban beauty products containing deadly chemicals. For this, the Indian Association of Dermatologists (IADVL) has been campaigning across the country for many years.

42 herbs are being used

Regarding the study, Dr. Sanchit Sharma, executive director of Emil, said that with the help of medicinal properties, the fragrance of Kannauj has been used to protect against many kinds of infections. A total of 42 herbs are also being used including Bhringraj, Shikakai, Tulsi, Sesame, Kahbeans, Mint, Sattva, Onion, Aloe vera. Its purpose is to cleanse the internal organs of women and protect them from infection. Dermatologists are also involved in this technique.