Kamala Harris's aunt said - She achieved the position she wanted to do


Kamla Harris, who was elected Vice President of the United States, achieved the position she wanted to achieve, that is to say, her aunt Sarla Gopalan. Dr. Sarla has congratulated the Democrats on the victory. He said, 'I am a doctor and work in Chandigarh. Kamla has come to meet us many times in Chandigarh and many other places. We have always seen him (Kamala Harris) grow up as a good kid. Everything she did was great and she achieved what she wanted to do. '

Doctor Gopalan is the younger sister of Harris's mother Shyamala Gopalan, who hails from Chennai. Shyamala was born in Chennai after which she moved to the US for further studies. Shyamala was a prominent cancer researcher and activist. In her nomination acceptance speech earlier this year, Kamala Harris mentioned her aunts and chittis (a term used in Tamil).

Doctor Sarla said that his family is very happy that Kamala Harris has made history. Kamla is the first woman to reach the post of Vice President. Apart from this, he is also the first Indian-American to achieve this position. Nana of Harris was born in Thulasanthirapuram. It is located at a distance of 320 km from Chennai.

Shyamala was the daughter of PV Gopalan, a high-ranking civil servant. The Democratic nominee has defeated President Donald Trump in a close contest. Joe Biden will become the country's 46th president. Kamla Harris will take the oath of office as Vice President.