Justice: Innocent girl became a victim of imprisonment, convict sentenced to death till last breath


On 15 October 2019, there was two-year imprisonment in Agra which embarrassed the entire society. In this regard, the accused has now been sentenced to life imprisonment till his last breath. The judge, while sentencing, remarked that the two-year-old girl is like a toy, how can anyone think of raping her. The entire society has been embarrassed by the misdemeanor of the accused. He is a person of demonic nature, he does not have the right to live among society.

The incident is from a year ago. Convicted Hori Lal alias Naresh had taken the innocent from his house saying that he was being taken for feeding. After this, the child was left. The baby was bled. The condition of the innocent girl was so bad that she had to stay in the hospital for seven days. After this, when she came home, she was troubled by pain for a month.

According to the family, when she used to turn sideways, she used to suffer. The judge has imposed a fine of one lakh rupees on the guilty Hori Lal in the Poxo Act and one lakh in the case of rape. Failure to pay penalty will carry an additional penalty of one year. Five thousand have been fined for his brother Narayan Singh. Failure to pay penalty will attract additional imprisonment for one month. Half of the amount will be given to the victim's family after the convicts are paid their fine.

Women demonstrated at the police station

The women of Balkeshwar performed at the New Agra police station after the accused was caught. He had demanded strict punishment for the accused. The SSP had ordered that a speedy inquiry into the matter should be filed within seven days. The then Inspector Rajesh Pandey filed the charge sheet in three days.

Such poor people are a stigma for society

Special Public Prosecutor Vimlesh Anand said in court that such poor people are a stigma for the society. Let it be punished a death. He said how can anyone even think of such an incident.