Job in a government bank, then the man gave his life, the reason given in the suicide note


A case has come to light from Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu that shocked everyone. Here, a 32-year-old man committed suicide because of his government job. That person had decided that if he got a job, he would give up his life and go to the shelter of God. This case is of Nagercoil in Kanyakumari district. Naveen was getting frustrated with his life as he was unable to get a job. Then he asked for a vow one day that if he got a job, he would give up his life. Naveen soon got a job with Bank of India in Mumbai. He also went to the office to join the job. He also spent 15 days there. About 15 days later, Naveen left for Trivandrum on Friday and lay on the track near a railway station.

A suicide note was also found near Naveen. In which he wrote that he is repaying the promise given to God. He wrote that he had given the promise to God that if he got a job, he would come to their shelter. So he is committing suicide.

Railway police reached the spot after the incident and took the body. Police are also investigating whether there was any other reason for Naveen to take this step. Police are questioning the people concerned and the matter is also being investigated.