Jaipur: Police caught two people in connection with the rape and forced conversion!


The Pratap Nagar police station of Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan, has got a big success in the matter of converting a woman after raping her. In this case, the police have arrested the main accused Shahid Meo, and his associate brother Amir Hussain.

The victim had lodged a complaint in this regard. According to the victim, the main accused Shahid had taken her to Kashmir on the pretext of getting her work. There, by intimidation, he carried out the ghastly incident of rape with them. Thereafter, he forcibly married her. After this marriage, she gave birth to a daughter.

He told that Shahid and his family had pressured him to pray and read the Quran.

According to reports, the police said that this accused named Shahid Meo had fled to Kashmir on the pretext of providing employment to a woman who was harassed by her husband and financially troubled.

After registering a case in this regard, the police launched a search operation at several places to arrest the accused. After this, the police caught the accused Shahid and Aamir Hussain, who were being told from the cab in Gurugram.