Jaipur-Delhi Air India delayed flight to save four lives


Air India, which has been infamous for operational delays many times, has saved four lives this time by delaying the flight. In fact, on Saturday, the airline deliberately delayed a flight from Jaipur to Delhi so that the organs of a deceased donated woman could be distributed to four serious patients in Delhi. The kidney, liver, and lungs of a 48-year-old woman have been donated.

An airline official said that the aircraft was stopped for 15 minutes after talking to Air India and Jaipur airport officials to send these organs and the three parts were flown to Delhi at the right time. In about 30 minutes in a private hospital in Jaipur, a team of doctors along with paramedical staff transplanted lungs, kidneys, and liver and reached the authorities, the official said. Then the plane took off at 9.28 pm.

Lauding the efforts of his team, Airlines Air CEO Harpreet Eddy Singh said, "We are happy that we were part of this life-saving flight." He said, our objective is to enhance regional connectivity through a safe and efficient operation while meeting the goals of the business and social responsibility.