It will not be easy for NDA to get away from LJP


The seat-sharing between the allies in the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) is still complicated. Particularly allies, the Janashakti Party is currently a headache for JDU and BJP.

JDU president and Bihar CM Nitish Kumar have thrown the ball of controversy into the BJP's court by flinging it straight away from LJP. However, the mathematics of the state's political and Dalit vote bank is such that it will not be easy for the NDA to move away from the LJP.

Both the NDA and the opposition Grand Alliance are eyeing the Dalit community to beat each other in the electoral equations. The political significance of this community can be gauged from the fact that this class has a 16 percent share in the voters of the state.

The NDA has brought back the fraternity of this fraternity, former Speaker Uday Narayan Chaudhary and Shyam Rajak, to the JDU.

Why LJP matters

LJP chief Paswan has had good penetration in the Dalit community. LJP has been receiving an average of six to 11 percent of the votes in the assembly and Lok Sabha elections even in the worst conditions.

The important fact is that at present Paswan is very unwell. This gives sympathy to Chirag. In such a situation, there may be a tide of sympathy in the Dalit community. If Radag breaks ties, resentment of Dalits can be costly.

Why is there a dispute

Actually, JDU and BJP have ambitions for the dispute. In any case, JDU wants to remain the elder brother in the politics of the state. While the BJP is looking at the possibility of becoming an elder brother on the lines of Maharashtra in this election.

The BJP's attempt is to persuade itself and the JDU to fight on a hundred seats each. In such a situation, a large part of the remaining 43 seats will go to LJP's account. In such a situation, if the BJP wins seats from JDU, then the claim of its elder brother in the alliance will be strong.