ISRO successfully launches 10 foreign satellites, will keep an eye on the movement of the enemy


The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) made history Saturday by successfully launching 10 satellites from its launch vehicle PSLV-C49.

PSLV-C49 with radar imaging satellite EOS-01 and nine foreign satellites flew at 3:12 pm after 26 hours countdown from Satish Dhawan Space Center at Sriharikota.

EOS-01 is an improved version of the Earth Observation Reset Satellite. It has a synthetic aperture radar, which can monitor the Earth at any time and in any weather.

The biggest feature of this satellite is that it can see the earth even in the midst of clouds and a clear picture can be taken of the earth. With the help of this satellite, the Indian Army will be able to monitor its borders as well as monitor every movement of China and Pakistan.

The Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) rocket, with its satellite in its 51st mission, was scheduled to leave space at 3:02 pm in the afternoon. It was delayed by 10 minutes due to debris in the route of the vehicle.

This year was the first mission of ISRO, as many missions of ISRO were halted due to the Corona epidemic. The satellites that have been sent include one from India, one from Lithuania, four from Luxembourg, and four from the US. About 20 minutes after launch, the vehicle successfully placed all satellites into orbit one by one.

When the Indian satellite was separated from the EOS-01 PSLV rocket, the onboard camera mounted in the rocket took beautiful pictures of the satellite and the Earth. Earlier, ISRO launched the RISAT-2 BR1 rocket PSLV-C48 on 11 December 2019, which was a surveillance satellite.

Can also be used in disasters like flood, drought

This satellite can be used for better management in disasters like floods, drought, and earthquakes. It can also be used for farming, forestry, soil moisture, geology, and coastal monitoring.

Sivan said celebrations started before Diwali

ISRO chief Dr. K Sivan told the scientists, you launched the rocket before Diwali, the celebration will start now. He said, there could not be work from home here. This mission is very special and extraordinary for ISRO. Every engineer has to be present in the lab. When such missions are talked about, it means that every technician and employee has to work together.

Our scientists overcame obstacles at the time of Corona: PM

I congratulate ISRO and India's space industry for the successful launch of the PSLV-C49 / EOS-01 mission. Our scientists overcame many hurdles to meet the deadline in the time of Kovid-19. -Narendra Modi, Prime Minister

China killed its Uygar spy in Istanbul

China is persecuting the Uygars not only in Xinjiang province, but also in Pakistan, Turkey, and Dubai. In Istanbul, China on Monday fired an Uygar spy with a bullet if it did not work.

"The Chinese government, through its network, has established its own spies among the Uygars in Pakistan, Turkey, and Dubai," Abduvelli Ayoop, an expert on Uygar affairs living in Norway, said in an interview. One such Ugar spy, Yusufzan Amet, was killed in Istanbul. I knew Amet for many years. It was he who gave complete information about the atrocities on the Uygars going on outside the country.