Investigation: Fear of penalty people applied masked but how to handle crowd mobilize, Covid rules broke in Delhi markets


People walking out of the house have started wearing masks for fear of huge invoices, but handling uncontrolled crowds in the markets is causing trouble. On Sunday, when the 'Amar Ujala' team visited the capital markets, it was found that there was such a crowd that it was difficult for people to walk. The risk of infection is also emerging from this.

Lajpat Nagar Market

Time: 1.30 pm

Seeing the huge crowd in the market, it seemed as if people have no fear of corona. However, compared to last week, more people were seen walking around here wearing masks. Perhaps it was because of this that the government has made a strict rule to collect invoices of 2000 rupees instead of 500 from people without putting on masks. Seeing the wild crowd, it seemed as if people still had to understand that they needed to apply masks not to escape the challan, but to escape the corona. Clothing shopkeeper Arvind said that in the evening the market is more crowded. However, Corona is getting less crowded these days. A large number of elderly and children were seen roaming along with the youth in the market.

Sarojini Bazaar

Time: 2.30 PM

The market was crowded more than the festive season. Here it seemed as if the whole of Delhi had come to Sarojini Nagar market. The road in front of the market was jammed due to the parking of random vehicles. The three-sector road opposite the market was also converted into parking. There was an atmosphere like chaos at the main gate. People were using narrow paths to enter the market. The malfunctioning metal detector machine is here only for show. Shoppers laying clothes on the ground in the market were calling customers to their side. In many places, people were requesting to buy goods by touching each other. Everything was going on here as it was before the corona epidemic. A few policemen were seen roaming outside the market, but there was no one to handle the unruly crowd inside.

Laxmi Nagar, Main Market

Time: 3.45 pm

Bikes were parked on both sides of the market's 40-foot major road. Hardly 10 feet of road was left for movement. Due to this, e-rickshaws, tempo carrying goods, small private vehicles were coming, due to which there was a jam. On both sides of the road, there were crowds of people at other shops along with clothes, jewelry, utensils, and food. The only civil defense guard at the mouth of the road was trying to control the crowd, but this did not seem to have much effect on the people. Because the market was so crowded that people could not move fast even if they wanted to. Most people had masks on their faces. Many people also appeared who had put on masks themselves, but the faces of the children who came with them were missing masks. Not a single security guard was present from Delhi Police to keep an eye on the unruly mob. During a conversation with the local police station, it was found that the people stationed here are busy challenging people walking on Laxmi Nagar Pusta Road without putting on masks. Hence there is no one in the market.