International Book of Records: Peanut seller's son is awesome, told names of 196 countries mentioned in one minute 58 seconds


In one minute 58 seconds, 15-year-old Abhishek Chandra of Rampura in the Udham Singh Nagar district of Uttarakhand, who names all the countries listed in the United Nations, has been named in the International Book of Records.

Rajkumar Chandra, the father of Abhishek Chandra, who lives in Rampura's Ward 23 slum, rents peanuts in Gandhi Park. Due to the poor financial condition of the family, he distributes tuition expenses in the morning by distributing newspapers. He is a student of 11th at Adityanath Jha Inter College.

Abhishek said that the news of a person making a record of growing the highest coriander plant in Amar Ujala encouraged him to make a record. After this, he decided to make a record. During the lockdown, he started remembering the names of the countries of the world.

He started speaking in a very short time. After this, the International Book of Records filled the form to claim its record and sent the video through WhatsApp.

The right use of the internet gives way to progress

He has been awarded the title of World Record of Excellence after selection in four stages. His video has also been uploaded by the institution on his YouTube and social media accounts. He has also been sent a certificate and medal.

For the youth engaged in online gaming and social media in mobile all day, Abhishek says that the right use of the internet gives way to progress. People can learn anything by using the Internet. Abhishek had secured 89.4 percentage points in high school. He wants to become an engineer in the future.