Insects nibble stones to this river, its history is associated with Lord Vishnu


Lord Vishnu (Thakur Ji) lives as a stone due to the curse in the holy river Narayani (Gandak). Due to the effect of the curse, insects are also given to the stone god. The Narayani, which originates in the Ganges near Patna via Kushinagar via Nepal via the Himalayas, is described as very sacred in the Puranas.

The Gandak river originating from the Muktidham of Dhaulagiri mountain in the Himalayan mountain range is one of the Ganga's Saptadhara. The river originates from Tibet and Nepal and joins the Ganges river near Sonpur in Bihar via Maharajganj, Kushinagar in Uttar Pradesh. This river is known by the names of Badi Gandak, Gandaki, Shaligrami, Narayani, Saptagandaki, etc.

There are many religious places in the 1310 km long journey of the river. In the same river, there was a battle of Gaja and Graha (elephant and gharial) during the Mahabharata period, in which Lord Krishna reached the request of Gaja and saved his life. After the Jarasandha slaughter, the Pandavas bathed in this holy river. Bathing in this river and worshiping Thakur Ji can get rid of worldly traffic.

There are thirty-three types of Thakur ji found in Gandak river ...

In the river Gandak, Thakur ji gets the figure, Lord Vishnu resides in it. The rocks found in the river are alive and continue to grow.

A doorway, a four-wheel black circle, is called Lakshmi Janardan.

Two gates, four chakras, a rock with a cow's hoof are called Raghavendra.

The two subtle chakra signs and the black letter sila are called Dadhivaman.

The small two-circle and the sign with the sign of vanamala is called Sridhar.

Thick and perfectly round, two small circle rock is named Damodar.

Similarly, different rocks are worshiped with names like Ranram, Rajarajeshwar, Anant, Sudarshan, Madhusudan, Hayagriva, Narasimha, Vasudeva, Pradyumna, Sankarshan, Anirudh.