Indigenous heavyweight torpedo Varunastra joins Navy, flagged off in Visakhapatnam


The wait for the Indian Navy's indigenous torpedo 'Varunastra' is over. The first batch of 'Varunastra' has been sent to the Navy. The destruction of any ship or submarine within a radius of 40 km after it is launched is considered certain.

Bharat Dynamics Limited said that the first batch of heavyweight torpedo Varunastra is being inducted into the Indian Navy. On Saturday, Dr. G. Satish Reddy, Secretary, Department of Defense Research and Development and Chairman of DRDO flagged off this at a function in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh today.

GPS seeker Varunastra

This anti-submarine torpedo called Varunastra can hit its target with the help of GPS. Varunastra weighing more than one ton can carry a warhead of up to 250 kg. His guidance system is also advanced. India also has BrahMos supersonic anti-ship and land-attack cruise missiles.

Full indigenous torpedo 'Varunastra' will increase naval strength

The fully indigenous torpedo 'Varunastra' strikes at a speed of 74 kmph. This indigenous torpedo will equip Indian warships and Indus class submarines. It weighs about one and a half tons. It has 250 kg high label exploitative. Transducers engaged in 'Varunastra' give it a much larger area of ​​attack. That is why 'Varunastra' can attack any submarine from either side above or below. It has a GPS locating system, due to which its target becomes accurate.

The Indian Navy has ordered 63 'Varunastras' for Rs 1187 crore. This includes torpedoes fired from both the ship and submarine. 'Varunastra' is planned to be installed in Kolkata class, Rajput class, and Delhi class destroyers as well as in consumer class corvettes and Talwar class frigates. It will also be installed in the Indus series submarine.

DRDO's product is 'Varunastra'

'Varunastra' has been created by the Indian Navy's Science and Technical Laboratory of the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO). The DRDO has also been helped by the National Institute of Ocean Technology in making it. This weapon is adapted to many situations arising during the war.

The ship version of 'Varunastra' was formally inducted into the Navy on 26 June 2016 by the then Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar. Till now, the Indian Navy was using torpedoes purchased from abroad, but now after the induction of Varunastra, the Indian Navy will be equipped with an indigenous destroyer.