Indian TV journalist Rohit Sardana dies days after testing positive for COVID-19


The very sad news is coming out from the television journalism world. Rohit Sardana, the big journalist of the television world, is no longer in this world. It is being told that he died today (30 April) due to a heart attack.

A few days ago Rohit was also infected with Coronavirus but later his report came out negative. Many people associated with journalism have mourned the death of Rohit Sardana. Let me tell you Rohit Sardana worked in the big media institutions of the country and made his own identity.

Rohit Sardana used to settle in the hearts of people with his questions and ways of speaking. People working with him say that Rohit Sardana had a very good grip on the Hindi language. Let us know that in the year 2018, Rohit Sardana was awarded the Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi Award.

Although Rohit Sardana said goodbye to this world today because of Corona, till a day earlier he was very active on social media and helping people. Be it Remedesivir injections or beds in the hospital, Rohit Sardana was helping people from his level.

Even till the day before his death (29 April), Rohit Sardana, through his Twitter handle, had requested a woman to arrange for Remedesivir injections. At the same time, on April 28, there was also an appeal to donate plasma.

Journalists working with Rohit Sardana say that he was an obsessive journalist and also enjoyed the debate. After the death of Rohit Sardana, he is being paid tribute on social media.