Indian Railways: One lakh railway employees have become corona positive so far! Nearly 2 thousand deaths and more than 1 thousand infected every day


The second wave of Coronavirus has brought devastation, hundreds of deaths and thousands have been infected every day. Meanwhile, the news about the Coronavirus from the Indian Railways has been even more heartbreaking. So far of the Indian Railways, Nearly one lakh employees have fallen victim to Corona, out of which about 2,000 people lost their lives.

Railway Board Chairman Sunit Sharma said that the railway is no different from any other state or region and we are also facing the case of COVID. We do transportation work and bring and carry goods and people, about 1000 cases are coming up every day. They said that we have our own hospitals, we have increased the number of beds, we have built oxygen plants in rail hospitals.

Sharma said that we take care of our employees. Currently, 4,000 railway personnel or their family members are admitted to these hospitals, they said that our effort is to get well soon.