Indian Railway: Now your ticket is going to be expensive, the railway is preparing to collect this extra fee!


Rail passengers can be charged over 10 to 35 rupees. The Railways is charging this high fare so that it can compensate for the expenditure that is incurred on the development of some stations and providing state-of-the-art facilities there.

Sources said that this is part of the proposal proposed by the Railways which will soon be sent for cabinet approval.

Sources said the user fee will vary by class - it will be between 10 and 35 rupees for AC class passengers with a higher price. Sea First Class passengers will be charged more user charges. The Railways has clarified that this additional fare will be charged only from the passengers whose route will come to the stations that are to be developed

Of the 7,000 railway stations in the country, around 700–1,000 fall into this category.

This is the first time that such a fee, which is levied on air passengers, will be charged from railway passengers. The UDF is charged at various airports and the rate varies from city to city.

A spokesman for the railway ministry said, "The user fee is essentially a small token amount that will be improved for all passengers at the railway station when collected."

The spokesman said that the matter is under consideration and no final decision has been taken on the number of user fees. But one thing is certain, that these user charges will be levied at a minimum, and will not be harsh on any class of passengers. "

Railway Board CEO VK Yadav said in a press conference on 17 September that the railways would not levy user charges at all 7,000 stations. He had said that the center would soon issue a notification about the user charges for the stations