Indian experts shared the rules of Vaccine science, did not respond to adverse events


Although the trial of the coronavirus vaccine has reached the final stage, the government has not yet received a clear answer on the two adverse events that have occurred in the past. For the first time, experts in the central government gave information about vaccination in relation to Corona.

Through a two-hour webinar on Friday, top officials of the Ministry of Health, ICMR, and the Drug Controller of India discussed the monitoring of testing under vaccine science, but during this time when questions were raised about two adverse events in the country, they clarified Refused to speak

During the webinar, ICMR senior doctor Sheela Godbole spoke about the effectiveness of the vaccine through a presentation. Health Ministry official Dr. Bhandari said that this webinar is to explain the process of vaccine science. Information about adverse events cannot be given in this.

During the webinar, Dr. Veijo Somani, Drug Controller General of India said that till now all the rules and laws are being followed in the country regarding vaccine science. The vaccine is first tested on animals. After this, in the first stage of testing, it is seen whether the antibodies are getting in the human body.

This is followed by a second stage test to find out how long the antibody lasts and how effective the vaccine is. After this the licensing process starts, then finally the test is done on the basis of a post-marketing study.

The person who joins the test is given a form, which contains information about all the rules and apprehensions of the adverse. If an adverse event occurs, within a month, its information is passed on to the drug controllers from the lower level.

These two adverse events occurred during the test

India Biotech is working on making indigenous vaccines. Adverse effects were reported in an individual during the first phase of testing in August, although information about this was not made public.

In the Phase III trial of the Serum Institute, a person resident of Chennai got vaccinated on October 1, and on the morning of October 11, five and a half he started having a severe headache. However, the information regarding this was not made public.

12 crore rupees awarded so far

Dr. Somani said that there have been a lot of human trials in the country before Corona. If an adverse event occurs to the person involved in each test, the compensation is paid by the company concerned. So far, Rs. 12 crores have been received from the families of the victims of side effects during different tests.