India warns OIC, stay away from Jammu and Kashmir in future


India on Sunday lashed out at the Islamic Cooperation Organization (OIC) for making a factually incorrect and unwanted reference to Jammu and Kashmir.

At the same time, the OIC was informed that the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir is an integral and inseparable part of India and the organization should avoid referencing it again in the future. Let us tell you that OIC with a membership of about 50 Muslim countries is considered the second largest organization after the United Nations.

India issued a harsh statement on Sunday advising the OIC to stay away from the issue in the future. India clearly pointed to Pakistan, saying that it is sad that the OIC is allowing a country with a disgusting record in religious intolerance, fundamentalism, and oppression of minorities to continue its abuse.

In fact, the OIC had referred to India about the politics of Jammu and Kashmir during the 47th session of its Council of Foreign Ministers (CFM) held in Niger.

The Foreign Ministry said, "We strongly condemn the factually inaccurate and unwanted information about India in the manifesto presented at the OIC meeting held in Niamey." Jammu and Kashmir is an integral and inseparable part of India.

The Foreign Ministry said, "We have always maintained that the OIC has no right to speak in matters related to India's internal situation."