India rejected the Pakistani list of terrorists involved in the Mumbai attack


India has rejected the latest list released by Pakistan of terrorists involved in the 26/11 Mumbai attack. India said on Thursday that it had clearly saved the masterminds and key conspirators of the heinous terrorist attack.

Let us tell you that in 2008, the terrorists who came from Pakistan by sea and came to Mumbai, worked for 60 hours before killing themselves and spreading panic. In this terrorist attack, 166 people including 28 foreigners were killed and hundreds of others were seriously injured.

Reacting harshly to the Pakistani list, Foreign Ministry spokesman Anurag Shrivastava said that India has repeatedly asked Pakistan to abandon the 'impediment and weak betting' in discharging its international obligations in the Mumbai terror attacks case. . He said that we have seen some media reports of Pakistan, in which the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has released an updated 'Most Wanted / High Profile book', listing various Pakistani citizens involved in 26/11 Mumbai terror attack has been done.

He said that some members of Pakistan-based terrorist organization Lashkar-e-Taiba have been included in the list by the United Nations. They also include the crew members of the boats used in the 26/11 attack. It is clearly defending the mastermind and major conspirators of this heinous attack.

According to media reports, 19 terrorists have been included in the list to be involved in this attack. Srivastava said that it is a confirmed fact that the planning, launching, and execution of the 26/11 terror attack were done from the soil of Pakistan. This list makes it clear that Pakistan has all the necessary information and evidence against the perpetrators and facilitators of the Mumbai terror attack.

It is a matter of concern that Pakistan does not give justice to the 12th anniversary of the attack

He said that it is a matter of grave concern that Pakistan has availability of all necessary evidence shared by India along with its public confession. Despite this, Pakistan is yet to show the sincerity of bringing justice to the kin of 166 dead from 15 countries across the world.