In the second phase of Bihar elections, there will be a direct contest on 17 seats, polling to be held on November 3


The second phase of the election will go to polls on November 3 at Naihar Sitamarhi in Sita Maiya along with Darbhanga and Madhubani, famous for Muzaffarpur Macha, Makhan, and Pokhar for lychee.

Voted on November 3 in Mithila, famous for Sita Maiya's Naihar with Litchi, Macha, Makhan

In the 2015 elections, 39 seats in these four districts were won by RJD 16, JDU 9, BJP 8, Congress 3, RLSP 1, and Independents 2. Out of 11 seats in Muzaffarpur, 5 BJP candidates won 3 and Independents 2.

Out of 10 seats in Darbhanga, RJD and JDU won 4-4 seats and BJP won 2 seats. Out of 10 seats in Madhubani, RJD won 4, JDU 3, BJP Congress, and Lalu SP won one seat each. RJD 3, BJP and JDU 2-2, and Congress have one seat in 8 seats in Sitamarhi district.

Polling is to be held in 5 of the 11 seats in Muzaffarpur in this phase II election. There is an electoral discussion of employment, skin fever, and damage to litchi plants. In the Sahebganj seat of the district, there is a direct contest between VIP candidate Raju Kumar Singh and RJD MLA Ramvichar Rai. The current BJP MLA Ashok Kumar Singh from Paru seat is Anunay Sinha from Congress.