In the last 24 hours, less than ten thousand new cases came to Kerala, know in which other states of the country more cases are coming


Barring Kerala and the Northeast, the situation in the entire country is returning to normal in the second wave of the corona epidemic. In Kerala also new cases have come down to 10 thousand. In the Northeast, more cases are being reported in Assam, Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh, and Meghalaya. However, the situation has not become uncontrollable even in those states. Talking about the whole country, 30 thousand new cases have been found after 125 days.

According to the data updated by the Union Health Ministry at 8 am on Tuesday, for the first time in the last 24 hours, after 111 days, the lowest 374 deaths have occurred. Active cases have also come down to 4,06,130 after 117 days. During this period there has been a decrease in active cases by 15,535.

52 BSF jawans infected in Gujarat

In Gujarat, 52 Border Security Force personnel have been found infected for two weeks. Officials said that 52 out of 433 jawans of the battalion located at Palanpur in Banaskantha district have been found infected with the coronavirus. All these are asymptomatic patients and have been kept in a quarantine center set up in a government hostel.

So far 41 crores 18 lakh doses of vaccine have been given

The ministry said that so far 41.18 crore doses of vaccine have been given to the beneficiaries in the vaccination campaign against the coronavirus. The Center has so far provided 42.15 crore doses to the States and Union Territories for vaccination. Of these, 2.11 crore doses are left with the states and union territories. Soon 71.40 lakh more doses will be provided to them.

Corona situation in the country

  • 30,093 new cases in 24 hours
  • Total active cases 4,06,130
  • Vaccination 52.56 lakh in 24 hours
  • Total vaccination 41.18 crore
  • Corona situation till 8 am on Tuesday
  • new cases 30,093
  • Total cases 3,11,74,322
  • Active Cases 4,06,130
  • Deaths (in 24 hours) 374
  • Total deaths 4,14,482
  • Recovery rate 97.37 percent
  • Mortality rate 1.33 percent
  • Positivity rate 1.68 percent
  • Sa. Positivity rate 2.06 percent
  • Check (Monday) 17,92,336
  • Total Checks (Monday) 44,73,41,133

How many vaccines are in which state till 6 pm on Tuesday?

  1. Uttar Pradesh 4.70 lakh
  2. Gujarat 3.95 lakh
  3. Maharashtra 1.83 lakh
  4. Bihar 1.18 lakh
  5. Chhattisgarh 1.16 lakh
  6. Haryana 0.82 lakh
  7. Himachal 0.74 lakh
  8. Rajasthan 0.72 lakh
  9. Delhi 0.71 lakh
  10. Uttarakhand 0.70 lakh
  11. J&K 0.44 lakh