Important steps to set up a commission to control pollution: Javadekar


Union Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar has termed the commission set up as an important step to suggest measures to curb the growing life-threatening pollution in the national capital Delhi and adjoining states.

Mr. Javadekar told reporters in response to a question after the meeting of the Union Cabinet here today, "The formation of this commission is an important step. The Commission has full power to take various steps to tackle pollution. This will help in reducing pollution in the surrounding areas including the capital. ''

It is noteworthy that the government had decided to set up a commission to deal with the problem of pollution in the form of monsoon with which the ordinance has been approved by the President. The Commission will monitor the pollution situation and suggest measures to curb it.

The commission will have a total of 17 members and will emphasize public participation and coordination.

Asked about the increase in ethanol prices, how farmers will benefit from this, he said that this will increase the income of the units making ethanol and they will be able to pay the farmers immediately with this money, which will benefit the farmers. It is worth mentioning that in the meeting of the cabinet today, the proposal to increase the price of ethanol has been approved.