If you join these 17 ethnic organizations in Rajasthan, you will lose your government job


There are organizations of more than 700 castes in Rajasthan, but according to the state government, Government employees Cannot join these17 ethnic organizations. Joining or becoming a member of these ethnic or religious organizations, participating in the program is a violation of service rules. In such cases, action will be taken against the employees in violation of the Rajasthan Civil Services (Conduct) Rules 1972. This order was issued by the then Chief Secretary MMK Wali in 1981.

Rules for government employees in the state, from ethnic organizations to non-political organizations or not, have been run on paper for 40 years. When this question arose in the Legislative Assembly recently, the government gave a written reply that Amar Bengali, Bharatiya Progressive Union, Bharati Protest Man, Angika Samaj, Progressive Gagahi Samaj, Nagpuri Samaj, Volunteer Social Service, Maithili Samaj, Progressive Bhojpuri Samaj, Awadhi Samaj, Linking to the Punjabi Protest League, a progressive Haryana society, is against the service rule.

Also, government employees cannot join organizations like Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), Jamaat-e-Islami, Anand Margi.