Humanity is ashamed: mother-daughter first murdered a pregnant woman and then tore her baby out


An incident has come out of Chicago in the US that has shamed humanity. Here, some people killed a pregnant woman and tore her baby out. This incident is on 23 October. Police have arrested three people in this case so far. Surprisingly, mother and daughter have been found involved in killing a pregnant woman. While the third accused is said to be the lover of the woman. According to police, a 19-year-old pregnant woman Ochoa Lopez was called to her home by people she knew. The woman who called Lopez to her house said that she wanted to give him some of the child's use.

As soon as Lopez arrives at the woman's house, a woman named Clarissa, along with her daughter Desiree strangles her to death. The woman's lover also supported her in the murder. After this, the mother-daughter tore Lopez's stomach and took the child out of the womb. When the child could not breathe, he called the hospital on the emergency number and admitted it, after which the matter reached the police. Chicago police refused to provide any information about the child and said Lopez's disappearance was reported after which he was being searched.