How to make President of Congress to Array-Gare, Nathu-Khaire: Bhakta Charan Das


Bhakta Charan Das is the grassroots leader of Kalahari (Odisha). Once, the creator of modern Odisha saw his succession in Biju Patnaik Das, but the former Union Minister is not only a loyal soldier of the Congress but is also in charge of two states. On the question of making the president in the Congress and the Nehru-Gandhi family out of the party, he asks Tappak whether to choose an Array-Gare, Nathu-Khaire? Who is the second face in the party to deserve this position? Then where is the problem in Rahul Gandhi? Tell me another honest, clean, devoted face of the party like him.

In a special conversation with Amar Ujala, Bhakta Charan Das said that there are both internal and external challenges within the party. There is a need for a reform party at the organizational level. Congress President Sonia Gandhi has formed committees headed by former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. These committees are enough to inform the future state of reform and the party. Devotee Charan Das says that the Congress party also has some challenges due to time. It is a matter of time. Wait a bit and over time everything will be alright.

Kapil Sibal and Azad's demand is right, the wrong way, breaking dignity

Senior Congress leader said that senior leader Kapil Sibal is a big leader of Ghulam Nabi Azad Party. Congress is a democratic party. He is raising issues of reforming the party as part of the democratic process. There is nothing wrong with this, but their way is not right. Instead of raising the issue on the platform of the party, he is breaking his decorum by doing it outside the forum. According to Das, I would not be right to say, but our senior leader who raises this kind of question should also reassess himself. Das said why are Congress leaders losing their patience so soon? Why is he not interested in raising or strengthening the party? He said that to raise questions, there should be an improvement but everything should be within the scope of decorum.

Manmohan Singh became Prime Minister and I am in charge of two states

The acting president of the Congress Party could have been the Prime Minister of the country, Rahul Gandhi could also play a big role in the central government, but did it happen? The Congress party and its president considered Manmohan Singh worthy and chose him as the Prime Minister. The former Prime Minister took the country to the level of development far ahead. Today, the country does not have such a visionary prime minister, so we are all facing his punishment. Manmohan Singh was not a prime minister to bugger the country, lie, play with the sentiments of the people, do politics of religion and hate.

Das said that he has not met Sonia and Rahul for the last 20 months. Kalahari is engaged in building the Congress in the region but was made in charge of two states. He says that Congress President Sonia and former President Rahul Gandhi have no desire for the post. He wants to serve the country and the Congress party. He is working hard. But some Congress leaders are exceeding their limits. Bhakta Charan said that after the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, the finger on Rahul Gandhi's work was lost, but did the Congress in-charge of other states, former Union ministers, or responsible people also rise? Was there any discussion? After all, what is the contribution of other leaders?

Do not lose patience like Jyotiraditya Scindia otherwise, you will have to call yourself a dog

Devotee Charan Das says that Jyotiraditya Scindia lost patience in ambition, Iago. You see, after joining the BJP, he once called himself a tiger and after a few days, he called himself a dog with his mouth. How much they had to fall down. I have worked with Jyotiraditya's father Madhav Rao Scindia. Sachin has worked with Pilot's father Rajesh Pilot. It is good that Sachin got angry but did not lose his patience. Made at the party. He will become the largest leader in Rajasthan after Ashok Gehlot. But what did Jyotiraditya do? A senior leader could not bear Kamal Nath for three-four years? Bhakta Charan Das says what to say about such patientless leaders.

The future president of the party was visible in Scindia

Devotee Charan Das says that he was once a fan of Jyotiraditya Scindia. He liked Scindia's speaking style, political energy, and attempts to build a team in his field. When Scindia spoke in the office of the party, the leaders used to clap a lot. He felt that Scindia could give it a good direction by becoming the president of the Congress party in the future, but he was very disappointed when Scindia's I (arrogance) grew up from the party. Das says that Scindia is not happy about joining BJP today. Their suffering can also be understood.

What is lacking in Rahul Gandhi?

Devotee Charan Das said that some leaders within the party may be furious with the fear of Rahul Gandhi becoming the president. But one thing is clear that only the leader who can try the Congress party for the future with honesty like Rahul Gandhi. If someone tells me what is lacking in Rahul Gandhi? What have those who have pointed fingers at him done to strengthen the party? Those who oppose Rahul Gandhi are speaking the language of Prime Minister Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah. He knows that Rahul Gandhi does not do politics in a managerial style. Don't lie Do not hesitate to put issues before the public and decide in the interest of the party.