Historical decision: Bill also passed from Rajya Sabha, minorities of Pak-Bangladesh will get Indian citizenship


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After passing the first examination in the Lok Sabha, the government has a fire test on the citizenship amendment bill today. Home Minister Amit Shah has introduced the amendment bill in Rajya Sabha and discussions are on. Meanwhile, there has been a surge of opposition after the U-turn of the Shiv Sena supporting the bill in the Lok Sabha, but despite this, the number force remains with the government.

The house adjourned till 11 am Thursday in the Rajya Sabha. Now this bill will go to the President for the seal.

125 votes were cast in favor of the bill, while 105 votes were against the bill.

The day of December 11, 2019, has been recorded in the history of India. After the Lok Sabha, the Citizenship Amendment Bill was also passed in the Rajya Sabha on Wednesday.

Earlier, this bill has been passed in the Lok Sabha.