Heavy encroachment in village ponds, instructions to remove states, more than 53 thousand ponds are not fit for irrigation


The data of the fifth census of ponds and reservoirs of the country has revealed that more than 53 thousand ponds and reservoirs in the country are not fit for irrigation. Due to siltation, lack of water, and saline water, they are not being used for irrigation. In many states, even due to the possession of ponds built on the lands of the village society, it is not being used. States and Union Territories have been asked to make them encroachment-free. The Center has sanctioned two thousand crore rupees for the rejuvenation of these ponds.

Agriculture is irrigated by water from traditional old ponds and reservoirs in the country, but their condition is not very good due to lack of maintenance and maintenance. The Union Ministry of Jal Shakti conducted a recent census of these reservoirs and ponds, under which it was found that there are a total of 5,16,303 ponds and reservoirs in rural areas. Responding to a written question in the Lok Sabha, the ministry has cited statistics and said that the condition of more than 53 thousand water bodies is bad. Most of them are full of silt due to non-cleaning, in which there is either no water and is very little. They are not being used for irrigation.

Being a state subject, the state governments are also making efforts for this. The central government has also been giving additional financial help for this. The Repair, Renovation, and Restoration (RRR) scheme has been started for the rejuvenation of ponds and water bodies in rural areas. This scheme has been started under the Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchai Yojana to provide water to every farm. The irrigation area can be increased from existing ponds. Apart from this Ministry, the Ministry of Rural Development is running special schemes in this direction. Cleaning of old ponds and embankments of water bodies are also being done through MNREGA.

Due to the drying up of ponds in the summer months, their silt is also being removed. The drains and drains to fill the water in the ponds are also cleaned. Most of the work is being done in the direction of water conservation through MNREGA. About two thousand crore rupees were allocated for the cleaning and embankment of 2228 ponds of different states. States have also been asked to take immediate action to remove the encroachments on the ponds. Removal of illegal occupation of ponds in rural areas is also the priority of the government.